Nationwide Delivery OR Overnight Hotel Accommodation when you purchase a New or Pre Owned Car

Nationwide Delivery Free of Charge for the first 100 miles then £1 per mile charge thereafter OR Overnight Hotel Accommodation at a local Pembrokeshire Hotel on a Bed and Breakfast basis for up to 2 people, if you are traveling a distance of more than 125 miles to our location.

National Delivery option will be arranged with a Reputable Delivery Company who will drive the vehicle to your address at a day and time convenient to you. Hotel Accommodation option to be arranged, booked and paid for by Fred Rees Garages, Haverfordwest.

Dash Cam Special Offer

Watch Out - Watch Out - There is a Dash Cam about. Fit a Top of the Range NEXTBASE Dash Cam to your car at our Special Offer Price. Automatically powered through car ignition and no unsightly dangling wires as we fully hand wire into your car and conceal all wiring. For all models £230 inc. fitting, hard wire kit and VAT

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Air Con Special Offer

Are you as cool as you once were? Air conditioning gas deteriorates with use and should be renewed every 2 or 3 years. Have the Air Conditioning System in your car serviced and re-gased today with our special offer. All models up to 2017 £79 inc. VAT. All models 2017 onwards £139 inc. VAT.

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Brake Fluid Change Special Offer

Does your car STOP as well as it used to? Brake Fluid deteriorates and loses it strength with use and should be renewed every 3 years. Have the Brake Fluid in your car renewed today with our special offer - we will also carry our a Free of Charge Brake Condition Report with our compliments. All models £60 inc. VAT.

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Timing Belt Change Special Offer

Can you afford for your Timing Belt to break? Timing (Cam) Belts deteriorate with age and should be renewed every 5 years. If they break, the damage caused can be thousands of pounds. Have the Timing (Cam) Belt in your car renewed today with our special offer. Timing Belt - All models £429 inc. VAT. Timing Belt with Water Pump £529 inc. VAT.

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